Cryptocurrency market update: June 1 — 7, 2020

Let’s take a look at our digest with market data of the first week of June. Find out everything you need to know about cryptocurrency price fluctuations right here.

StatValue (7d change)
Market Cap$ 276 470 989 908 (+3.98%)
Markets22 659 (-0.23%)
Cryptocurrencies5 553 (+0.34%)

Cryptocurrency price stats

BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT and ZEC — all these cryptocurrencies were bullish over the last seven days. Take a look at cryptocurrency statistics below, cryptocurrency prices and their 7d gains.

Coin Close 7d Gains 7d High 7d Low
Bitcoin$9 758.85+3.14%$10 199.56$9 458.15

As you see, Bitcoin price remains on hunt for $10k, and has a great chance to skyrocket. So, you can buy BTC on and store your funds here.

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