Market overview: April 20 — 24, 2020

Friday is finally here, and we have new weekly digest for you. Take a look at our market analysis and the biggest stories of cryptocurrency and blockchain industries.

Microsoft offers to mine cryptocurrencies with body

Microsoft published a new patent “Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data”. According to The Independent, the company has announced a method to mine cryptocurrencies via biometric data, including brain activity.

This method is supposed to be an alternative mining option which will be monitored with biometric sensors. The patent does not specify which cryptocurrency the system would use, though it could use new blockchain-based digital network.

China plans to roll out Blockchain Service Network this weekend

BSN is expected to be released this coming weekend on April 25th, 2020. This new network will help to solve existing problems of the high cost of developing and implementing blockchain applications. It will allow Chinese companies to use blockchain technologies in order to implement or create applications easily.

Nomics introduced an AI system for 7-day cryptocurrency forecast

Cryptocurrency data company Nomics showed brand new AI program on April 23. This system makes seven-day cryptocurrency price predictions. The company noticed that this is the first project that provides crypto asset price predictions generated by a system based on machine learning.

Clay Collins, CEO at Nomics, told Cointelegraph that these predictions will be useful for retail investors, and should be used as “one of several indicators to inform opinions about future price movements”.

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