What was the highest Bitcoin price in history?

Like any currency, Bitcoin has its ups and downs. Its performance has been a disappointment lately. But things are in for a welcome change, as bitcoin price is expected to boost after the Bitcoin’s third halving.

Launched in 2009, BTC price remained a few dollars for its first few years, and what was the highest price for this cryptocurrency? Let’s find it out.

BTC price reached a peak of nearly $20k

Most people saying “Bitcoin’s price hit a record $20k”, but the fact is that the highest price was below this mark. Bitcoin’s current price peak occurred on December 17, 2017. It rocketed to $19,783.21.

It was the climax of an incredible year for this digital currency, but the best is yet to come. So, what should we expect after the upcoming Bitcoin halving? Check out the following predictions for the BTC price in 2020.

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