What will happen with the crypto market in 2020?

Let’s take a look at what does 2020 have in store. The most expected trends that will shape the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Here are our 3 predictions for this year.

Cryptocurrency implementation

The world is undoubtedly moving towards a digital ecosystem, and cryptocurrency mass adoption has been evolving progressively. The whole cryptocurrency industry is yet to be accepted by the majority, and digital assets are bound to be part of our future in the long run. Right now we offer to check out the most significant use cases for cryptocurrencies that may have huge potential in 2020.

Rise of cryptocurrency millionaires

If you check out Bitcoin price predictions for 2020, you can see that opinions vary widely. And there is a consensus that there is likely to be new all-time highs during this year. As a bonus of BTC rise, there will be more cryptocurrency investors with access to large amounts of capital. As a result, it will also bring investment made in science, technology, and philanthropy.

CBDC: the next generation of digital currencies

New technological developments will bring alternative forms of central bank money, specifically to issue a CBDC. The Bank of International Settlements estimated that over 80% of the central banks are looking at blockchain as a place to issue digital currencies.

We are waiting for Chinese state-backed cryptocurrency, and we hope that it will be launched in 2020. And it is not a single case for this year.

According to the governor of the Central Bank of the Bahamas, the island country will adopt its own digital currency across the whole country in the second half of 2020.